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Yamasei is a specialty restaurant located in Matsumoto that specializes in two Japanese delicacies: Unagi (eel) and Suppon (soft-shelled turtle). This restaurant has gained popularity among locals and tourists for its excellent quality, traditional preparation, and outstanding taste.

One of the key features of Yamasei is their Unagi, which is sourced directly from local suppliers and is of the highest quality. The eels are carefully prepared and grilled over charcoal to enhance their flavor and texture, giving them a crispy exterior and a tender interior. Yamasei’s Unagi is served with a special sauce that perfectly complements its natural taste.

Another specialty of Yamasei is their Suppon, which is a rare and expensive ingredient in Japanese cuisine. The soft-shelled turtle is known for its rich, unique flavor, and has been used for centuries in traditional Japanese medicine. Yamasei prepares the Suppon in a traditional manner, stewing it for hours with various spices and ingredients until it is tender and flavorful.

Apart from the Unagi and Suppon, Yamasei also offers a wide range of other dishes that showcase the best of Japanese cuisine, such as sushi, sashimi, tempura, and more. The restaurant’s menu features a variety of options to cater to different tastes and preferences, making it a perfect destination for families, couples, and groups.

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