Nawate Street

縄手通り商店街   Click to listen highlighted text! 縄手通り商店街

(nawate dori shoutengai)

Nawate Street is a charming shopping street located in the heart of Matsumoto, Japan. This popular destination offers visitors a unique shopping experience with its traditional Japanese architecture, local crafts, and a wide range of restaurants and cafes. Nawate Street’s history dates back to the Edo period when the street was used for the transportation of goods between Matsumoto Castle and the surrounding areas.

One of the most notable features of Nawate Street is the frog, which serves as a symbol of the street. The frog’s significance dates back to the Meiji era when a statue of a frog was installed at the entrance of the street. According to legend, the statue was placed there to bring good luck and prosperity to the merchants who used the street. Since then, the frog has become a beloved symbol of the street, and visitors can find various frog-themed souvenirs, including keychains, toys, and postcards.

In addition to the frog, Nawate Street offers a variety of shops selling traditional Japanese handicrafts, such as pottery, textiles, and lacquerware. Visitors can also find an array of local food products, including soba noodles, sake, and pickles. For those looking for a break from shopping, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants serving delicious Japanese cuisine, including sushi, udon, and yakitori.

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