Iwanami Sake Brewery

岩波酒造   Click to listen highlighted text! 岩波酒造

(iwanami shuzo)

Iwanami Sake Brewery
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Iwanami Sake Brewery is a historic brewery located in the heart of Matsumoto city in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. The brewery has been producing high-quality sake for over 260 years, and is widely regarded as one of the best sake producers in the region. With its commitment to tradition and quality, Iwanami Sake Brewery has become a popular destination for tourists and sake enthusiasts alike.

At Iwanami Sake Brewery, visitors can experience the art of sake making firsthand through brewery tours and tastings. The brewery offers a range of sake varieties, including junmai, ginjo, and daiginjo, each with their own unique flavor profile. In addition, the brewery also produces a variety of other traditional Japanese beverages, such as shochu and umeshu.

One of the standout features of Iwanami Sake Brewery is its dedication to using locally sourced ingredients. The brewery uses locally grown rice and water from the nearby Japan Alps to create its distinctive flavor profiles. This commitment to sourcing local ingredients has helped to establish Iwanami Sake Brewery as a leader in the regional sake industry.

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