Daio Wasabi Farm

大王わさび農場   Click to listen highlighted text! 大王わさび農場

(daiou wasabi noujou)

Daio Wasabi Farm
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Daio Wasabi Farm is a unique tourist attraction located in the heart of the Azumino City in Nagano, Japan. It is a vast farm sprawling over 15 hectares of land, filled with vibrant green fields of wasabi plants, ponds, and streams. This scenic location is a must-visit for anyone visiting Nagano prefecture and looking to explore the region’s natural beauty.

Upon arriving at Daio Wasabi Farm, visitors are greeted by the sight of the lush green fields of wasabi plants. The farm offers guided tours that provide a fascinating insight into the history of wasabi cultivation and the farming methods used at the farm. Visitors can take a leisurely stroll around the fields, enjoying the fresh air, and learning about the different varieties of wasabi plants and their uses in Japanese cuisine.

One of the most popular activities at the farm is the wasabi-themed cuisine. The farm offers a wide range of wasabi-inspired dishes, including wasabi ice cream, wasabi soba noodles, and wasabi-flavored snacks. Visitors can enjoy a delicious meal at the farm’s on-site restaurant, which features a scenic outdoor seating area overlooking the farm’s waterways.

Daio Wasabi Farm is also home to several picturesque waterways, including a man-made canal that runs through the farm’s main fields. The canal is fed by the nearby Azusa River, which provides a constant flow of clear, fresh water to the farm’s ponds and streams. Visitors can take a leisurely boat ride down the canal, enjoying the stunning views of the farm’s surrounding mountains and forests.

In addition to its natural beauty and delicious cuisine, Daio Wasabi Farm is also home to several unique attractions, including a wasabi-themed gift shop and a traditional Japanese tea house. Visitors can purchase a variety of wasabi-related souvenirs, such as wasabi-flavored snacks, wasabi plants, and wasabi-themed kitchenware. The tea house offers visitors a chance to experience traditional Japanese tea ceremonies and sample a variety of Japanese teas and snacks.

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