Sarashina Horii Honten

総本家 更科堀井   Click to listen highlighted text! 総本家 更科堀井

(souhonke sarashina horii)

Travel back in time and savor the rich history of Sarashina Horii Honten, a renowned Soba restaurant in Azabujyuban, Tokyo. Founded in 1789 by textile merchant Nunoya Tahei, the restaurant has been serving the exquisite Sarashina Soba for over two centuries. In 1876, the fifth proprietor changed the name to Horii, and the family has been passing down the recipe for generations.

The refined taste of Sarashina Soba made it a favorite among Edo citizens, and even the Shogun family and feudal lords in Edo Castle couldn’t resist its allure. Today, the Horii family continues to uphold tradition and serve the same high-quality Sarashina Soba that has made them famous.

Each generation of Horii family has inherited the recipe and refined their skills to make the best Soba possible. The restaurant’s location in Azabujyuban adds to its charm, with a historic ambiance that transports visitors back to old Japan. The restaurant’s commitment to quality and tradition has earned it a reputation as a must-visit destination for foodies and travelers alike.

Experience the taste of history at Sarashina Horii Honten and discover why their Sarashina Soba has stood the test of time. Don’t miss the chance to taste a piece of Edo’s culinary heritage on your next trip to Tokyo!

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