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Japanese third wave coffee shops are a must-visit for coffee lovers looking for a unique and unforgettable coffee experience. The third wave coffee movement in Japan is all about quality, sustainability, and the craft of coffee making. These coffee shops source high-quality beans from specific regions and roast them in small batches to bring out the unique flavors and characteristics of each bean. They also offer a variety of brewing methods, such as pour-over, siphon, and cold brew, with expert baristas trained to perfect the craft of coffee making. Many shops even offer coffee cupping sessions and classes for those looking to learn more about the art of coffee making.

With locations all over Japan, such as Kyoto, Tokyo, and more, Japanese third wave coffee shops like % Arabica, Onibus Coffee, Fuglen Coffee, Nozy Coffee, and Glitch Coffee are well-known for their delicious coffee, unique aesthetics, and commitment to sustainability. These coffee shops not only provide a great coffee experience but also offer a glimpse into the rich coffee culture in Japan. So, if you’re looking for an unforgettable coffee experience, don’t miss out on visiting a Japanese third wave coffee shop on your next trip to Japan.


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