Yamamoto Honke

山本本家   Click to listen highlighted text! 山本本家

(yamamoto honke)

Yamamoto Honke is a revered sake brewery located in the Fushimi district of Kyoto, Japan. Founded in 1677, the brewery has been producing some of the finest sake in the country for over 340 years. The brewery is particularly known for its signature brand, “Mizbasho,” which has won numerous awards for its excellent taste and quality.

Yamamoto Honke is committed to using traditional methods in the brewing process to ensure that their sake is of the highest quality. The brewery only uses locally grown rice, pure water from Fushimi’s underground wells, and handmade koji, a key ingredient in the fermentation process. The entire brewing process is carefully monitored and takes several months to complete, with each batch being tested extensively to ensure that it meets the brewery’s high standards.

The brewery’s main building is a historic wooden structure that has been designated as a national cultural asset. Visitors can take a tour of the brewery and learn about the traditional brewing process, as well as the history and culture of sake in Japan. The tour includes a tasting of several varieties of sake, including the Mizbasho brand, and visitors can purchase bottles to take home with them.

Yamamoto Honke is also involved in the local community, hosting events and participating in festivals throughout the year. The brewery is dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of Fushimi and promoting sake as an important part of Japan’s culinary traditions.

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