吟醸酒房 油長   Click to listen highlighted text! 吟醸酒房 油長

(ginjo shubo aburacho)

Aburacho is a renowned sake shop located in the scenic Fushimi district of Kyoto, Japan. This traditional sake shop is known for its extensive selection of premium sake and unique tasting experience at the back of the shop. Here’s a detailed description of our experience at Aburacho:

Upon entering Aburacho, we were greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable staff who welcomed us with warm hospitality. The shop is beautifully designed, with a classic Japanese interior that exudes a sense of calmness and serenity. The shop boasts an impressive collection of sake from various regions in Japan, ranging from classic to rare and limited editions.

After exploring the shop and making our selection, we were invited to experience a unique tasting experience in the back of the shop. The tasting room is a cozy space, with low tables and cushions for comfortable seating. The walls are adorned with traditional Japanese artwork and calligraphy, adding to the ambiance of the space.

Our tasting experience began with an introduction to the sake brewing process and the different types of sake available. We were then presented with a carefully curated selection of sake, each with its own distinct flavor and aroma. The staff provided detailed explanations of each sake, including the region it was produced in, the brewing method used, and the best food pairing options.

As we savored each sake, we were able to appreciate the subtle differences in flavor and aroma. The staff was patient and attentive, ensuring that we had a memorable and enjoyable tasting experience. We also had the opportunity to sample some traditional Japanese snacks, which paired perfectly with the sake.

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