Sankeien Garden

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Sankeien Garden is a breathtaking Japanese-style garden located in southern Yokohama that spans over 175,000 square meters. This spacious garden was designed by Hara Sankei, a wealthy silk merchant, in 1902 and opened to the public in 1904. Sankeien Garden is a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in the beauty of Japanese nature. The garden features a serene pond, small rivers, and numerous picturesque bridges that are sure to leave visitors mesmerized.

One of the unique features of Sankeien Garden is its collection of historic buildings from various regions in Japan. The garden houses an elegant daimyo residence that belonged to the Katakura family of Shiroishi, as well as several tea houses that were relocated to the garden from other parts of Japan. Visitors can also marvel at the main hall and three-storied pagoda of Kyoto’s old Tomyoji Temple, which are among the most iconic buildings in the garden.

The garden’s cherry blossom trees are another highlight for visitors. During the spring, these trees bloom in spectacular fashion, creating a stunning pink and white canopy above the garden. The garden also features a variety of other flora, including irises, azaleas, and peonies, which bloom at different times of the year, offering visitors an ever-changing and delightful experience.

Sankeien Garden has a network of walking trails that allow visitors to explore the garden at their leisure. These trails lead visitors through different areas of the garden, offering stunning views of the various historic buildings, ponds, and gardens. The garden also features several teahouses, where visitors can enjoy a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, providing a unique cultural experience.

For those interested in learning more about the history and culture of Sankeien Garden, there are several museums located within the park. These museums exhibit various artifacts, including Japanese ceramics and antique kimonos, as well as provide information about the garden’s history and design.

Sankeien Garden also hosts several seasonal events throughout the year. During the summer months, visitors can enjoy traditional Japanese festivals, such as the Tanabata Festival and Bon Odori, while during the winter months, the garden is illuminated at night, creating a magical and festive atmosphere.

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