Sake Market Shinjuku

SAKE MARKET 新宿店   Click to listen highlighted text! SAKE MARKET 新宿店

(sake marrketto shinjuku ten)

Sake Market Shinjuku is a popular restaurant located in Tokyo, Japan. One of the main attractions of this restaurant is its unique system that allows customers to drink as much sake as they want with no time limit for just 3000 yen. This makes it an affordable and enjoyable experience for both locals and tourists.

Apart from the great deal on unlimited sake, Sake Market Shinjuku also offers a range of snacks that can be bought in the restaurant. Additionally, customers are allowed to bring their own food from the nearby food department to enjoy with their sake. This makes it a perfect place for groups of friends or colleagues to gather and enjoy a fun night out.

Sake Market Shinjuku prides itself on its extensive collection of over 100 carefully selected sake brands. Many of these brands are made by small breweries that are not yet well-known but produce great sake. As a result, customers can enjoy a unique and diverse range of sake that they may not have tried before.

For those visiting Sake Market Shinjuku, it is recommended to first stop by the food department before heading to the restaurant. This is because customers are allowed to bring their own food to the restaurant, making it an ideal opportunity to pick up some snacks or a meal beforehand.

In addition to providing a great selection of sake and snacks, Sake Market Shinjuku also provides customers with all the necessary utensils for enjoying their meal. This includes dishes, cups, chopsticks, forks, and spoons. There is also soy sauce, towels, and even a microwave available for customers to use.

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