Nanzan Giro Giro

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Nanzan Giro Giro
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Nanzan Giro Giro’s Chef Yoshihiro Matsumoto vacationed in Hawaii and fell in love with the islands. So, Matsumoto and the owner of the original Giro Giro Kyoto restaurant decided to open up a Hawaii outpost in 2011. The dishes are artfully prepared, using seasonal ingredients. They may appear small, but, as is the case with Nanzan Giro Giro, with six or nine courses, diners walk away satisfied.

Nanzan Giro Giro is a must-visit restaurant in Honolulu, Hawaii, for anyone who appreciates exquisite Japanese fusion cuisine. Located in a quiet neighborhood, the restaurant offers a hidden gem of delectable dishes and stunning views that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your taste buds.

The restaurant is led by Chef-proprietor Yoshihiro Matsumoto, who has made it his mission to combine Japanese flavors and local Hawaiian ingredients to create a unique culinary experience. Chef Matsumoto’s passion for cooking is evident in every dish that he creates, and his attention to detail and dedication to quality are what sets Nanzan Giro Giro apart from other Japanese fusion restaurants.

One of the standout features of Nanzan Giro Giro is its ever-changing menu. The restaurant offers a multi-course tasting menu, and every dish is a work of art that is as delicious as it is visually stunning. Each course is carefully crafted to showcase the flavors and textures of the ingredients, and the presentation is simply breathtaking.

The restaurant’s ambiance is also something to behold. Nanzan Giro Giro is situated on the top floor of an unassuming building, and the interior is sleek and modern, with a minimalist design that allows the food to take center stage. However, the real showstopper is the restaurant’s outdoor terrace, which offers breathtaking views of Honolulu and the surrounding mountains.

Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or just looking for a special night out, Nanzan Giro Giro is sure to impress. Chef Matsumoto’s passion for cooking and commitment to quality shine through in every aspect of the dining experience, from the food to the service to the ambiance.

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