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(ranpu baa)

Nara, a serene city that was once Japan’s capital, may be small but it boasts an impressive cocktail scene, with Lamp Bar being the biggest name in town. Led by internationally renowned bartender Michito Kaneko, Lamp Bar offers an unforgettable experience to patrons. Kaneko’s passion for mixology was ignited when he had an exceptional Moscow Mule, which prompted him to quit his job in construction and pursue a career in bartending. He apprenticed in the very bar where he had the life-changing drink and now serves sublime classic cocktails along with his inventive original creations.

One of Kaneko’s most famous creations is the Colorless, which involves stripping whisky of its tannins and pairing it with a medley of almost-clear liquids, such as sherry, champagne, vinegar, and tea. This unique concoction is served on a coaster custom-made by Kaneko’s ceramicist parents. Kaneko also infuses Nara’s flavors into his cocktails, such as his Negroni, which is made with house-made bitters featuring Nara cypress. He even creates his own vermouth from sake, with the help of a nearby brewery.

The Lamp Bar offers three sumptuous, antique-furnished rooms, each with a different motif. The first room is themed around the origin of cocktails, the second room is dedicated to the journey of cocktails, and the third room, known as “the dark side of drinks,” showcases his family’s art, including his sister’s embroidered depiction of the axe-wielding temperance zealot, Carrie Nation.

It’s no surprise that the Lamp Bar has received numerous accolades, including being ranked number 20 in Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2022.. The bar’s exceptional mixology, Kaneko’s artful approach, and the elegant ambiance make it an unmissable destination for cocktail lovers visiting Nara. Whether you’re looking to savor classic cocktails or indulge in innovative creations, Lamp Bar has something to offer everyone.

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