Kikunoi Honten

菊乃井 本店   Click to listen highlighted text! 菊乃井 本店

(kikunoi honten)

Kikunoi Honten is not only a well-established and traditional restaurant, but it is also our favorite restaurant in the world. Located in Kyoto, Japan, the restaurant is known for its kaiseki, a multi-course Japanese meal that showcases seasonal ingredients.

The restaurant’s serene and tranquil atmosphere is created with a minimalist design, featuring natural materials such as wood and stone. With several private rooms, including a tatami room overlooking a beautiful garden, guests can enjoy their meal in privacy.

The kaiseki menu changes regularly to reflect the seasons and features a variety of traditional dishes, including sashimi, grilled dishes, and steamed dishes, all carefully crafted to highlight the flavors and textures of each ingredient. The presentation of each dish is also meticulously planned, with great attention paid to the visual beauty of every course.

Chef Yoshihiro Murata, the third-generation owner-chef, is one of the most respected and influential chefs in Japan. His dedication to preserving and promoting traditional Japanese cuisine has earned him numerous accolades, including three Michelin stars for his restaurant, Kikunoi. In 2018, he was also named a “Living National Treasure” of Japan, a testament to his expertise and commitment to the culinary arts.

Overall, Kikunoi Honten offers an unforgettable dining experience and remains our favorite restaurant in the world. Chef Murata’s dedication to preserving and promoting the country’s culinary heritage is evident in every dish, making it a must-visit restaurant for anyone interested in experiencing traditional Japanese cuisine at its finest.

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