Gyoza Hohei Gion Honten

ぎょうざ 歩兵 祇園本店   Click to listen highlighted text! ぎょうざ 歩兵 祇園本店

(gyoza hotei gion honten)

Gyoza Hohei Gion Honten is a renowned restaurant located near Shirakawa in Gion, Kyoto, that specializes in serving delicious and authentic gyoza. The restaurant offers a unique twist to the classic dish by featuring two distinct flavors, garlic and ginger, that are expertly prepared by their skilled chefs.

The cozy and welcoming interior of the restaurant features traditional Japanese elements and provides the perfect atmosphere for enjoying a meal with friends and family.

Whether you’re a local resident or a tourist visiting Kyoto, Gyoza Hohei Gion Honten is a must-visit restaurant for anyone who appreciates Japanese cuisine. The restaurant’s excellent food, friendly service, and cozy ambiance are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Other than this location, Gyoza Hotei operates at 8 more locations – 4 in Tokyo,  2 in Nagoya, 1 in Osaka, and 1 in Sendai.

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