お茶のかんばやし   Click to listen highlighted text! お茶のかんばやし

(ocha no kanbayashi)

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If you’re a tea lover visiting Japan, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to visit Kanbayashi – a specialty tea shop in the city of Uji, just outside of Kyoto. With a history dating back over 450 years, Kanbayashi has established itself as one of Japan’s premier tea producers, renowned for its high-quality matcha and sencha teas.

At Kanbayashi, visitors can experience the traditional Japanese tea ceremony and taste the shop’s signature teas, which are carefully crafted using only the finest tea leaves. The shop’s charming interior, complete with tatami floors and shoji screens, creates a serene atmosphere that’s perfect for savoring a cup of tea and immersing oneself in Japanese culture.

In addition to its tea ceremony and tastings, Kanbayashi also offers a wide range of tea-related products, including tea sets, tea bowls, and other traditional tea accessories. Visitors can browse the shop’s selection of products and take home a piece of Japan’s tea culture with them.

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