Zohiko Lacquer Shop

京漆匠 象彦   Click to listen highlighted text! 京漆匠 象彦

(kyou shisshou zouhiko)

Zohiko Lacquer Shop is a world-renowned lacquerware shop located in Teramachi, Kyoto. Established in 1661, Zohiko has been producing exquisite lacquerware products for over 350 years. The shop is located in the heart of Kyoto’s traditional shopping district, making it a must-visit destination for tourists and locals alike.

Zohiko Lacquer Shop is known for its high-quality lacquerware products, which are made using traditional techniques and exquisite craftsmanship. The shop offers a wide range of products, including tableware, decorative items, and accessories, all featuring beautiful and intricate designs. The lacquerware is made using only the finest quality materials, ensuring that each piece is both durable and stunning.

Zohiko Lacquer Shop is also known for its rich history and cultural significance. The shop has a long and storied history, and its products have been cherished by royalty and nobility for centuries. Visitors to the shop can immerse themselves in the rich culture and tradition of Kyoto and learn about the art of lacquerware and its importance in Japanese culture.

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