Tempura Tsunahachi Kyoto

天ぷら新宿つな八 京都   Click to listen highlighted text! 天ぷら新宿つな八 京都

(tempura tsunahachi kyoto)

Tempura Tsunahachi is a famous Japanese restaurant chain that specializes in delicious tempura dishes. With locations all across Japan, Tempura Tsunahachi has become a household name when it comes to tempura dining experiences. One of their locations is in the Takashimaya Department Store in Kyoto, providing easy access for locals and tourists alike.

The history of Tempura Tsunahachi dates back to 1923 when the first restaurant opened in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Since then, the chain has expanded to numerous locations throughout Japan, each with its unique atmosphere and menu. Tempura Tsunahachi’s success lies in its traditional approach to tempura, using fresh ingredients and time-tested techniques to produce high-quality dishes.

Upon entering Tempura Tsunahachi in Kyoto Takashimaya, one is immediately transported to a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere. The counter seats offer the view of kitchen and the chef will serve the freshly fried tempura right in front of you. They offer tempura sauce and different kinds of salt to dip the tempura.

The menu at Tempura Tsunahachi in Kyoto offers a wide range of tempura dishes, from classic shrimp and vegetable tempura to more unique options like seasonal fish and squid ink tempura. The tempura batter is light and crispy, complementing the fresh and flavorful ingredients perfectly. The restaurant also offers a selection of dipping sauces and seasonings, allowing customers to customize their dining experience.

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