Shinkyo Bridge

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Shinkyo Bridge
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Shinkyo Bridge is a remarkable UNESCO World Heritage site located in the heart of Nikko National Park, Japan. This stunning red lacquered bridge spanning over the Daiya River is an essential part of the Futarasan Shrine complex and one of Japan’s most significant religious landmarks. The bridge is often referred to as the ‘Sacred Bridge,’ and it is believed to connect the spiritual and physical worlds.

The Shinkyo Bridge has a fascinating history dating back to the 8th century. The legend states that the Buddhist monk Shodo Shonin crossed the Daiya River on the back of two giant snakes, and he threw his wooden sandals into the water, which transformed into the bridge. However, the current structure dates back to 1636, and it underwent several renovations and restorations throughout the centuries.

The bridge’s design is a blend of Japanese and Chinese architectural styles, featuring a distinct vermilion color, ornate carvings, and intricate details. It is 28 meters long, 7.4 meters wide, and 10.6 meters high, and it is supported by two stone pillars and four wooden arches. The bridge’s vibrant color symbolizes protection against evil spirits, and it stands out amid the lush greenery of the surrounding forest.

Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the bridge from various vantage points, including the nearby park and the riverbanks. The best time to visit Shinkyo Bridge is during the autumn season when the foliage turns into a kaleidoscope of colors, creating a picturesque setting that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world.

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