総本家ゆどうふ 奥丹   Click to listen highlighted text! 総本家ゆどうふ 奥丹

(souhonke yudoubu okutan)

Yudofu Okutan is a renowned vegetarian restaurant located near Nanzenji temple in Kyoto, Japan. The restaurant has been serving traditional Japanese cuisine since 1635, making it one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Japan. The establishment is famous for its signature dish, yudofu, a simple yet elegant dish made with soft tofu simmered in a light kombu (kelp) broth.

The history of Yudofu Okutan dates back to the Edo period when it was established as a resting place for pilgrims visiting Nanzenji temple. The restaurant’s founder, Yamaoka Okutan, was a Buddhist monk who believed in the virtues of vegetarianism and sought to create a space where people could enjoy simple yet delicious vegetarian food. Over the centuries, Yudofu Okutan has maintained its commitment to traditional Japanese cooking methods and has become a beloved institution in Kyoto.

Yudofu Okutan’s menu features a range of vegetarian dishes, including seasonal vegetables, tempura, and miso soup. The restaurant’s commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients means that the menu changes regularly to reflect the season and availability of produce. Visitors to Yudofu Okutan can enjoy their meal in a serene and traditional Japanese setting, complete with tatami mat floors and paper lanterns.

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