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Mizunotori is a trendy sake bar located in Tokyo’s upscale Ebisu district that has gained popularity among sake enthusiasts. The store was previously known as Gem by Moto, but underwent a name change recently. Marie Chiba, the manager and self-proclaimed Sake Chemist, is responsible for Mizunotori’s success. She is known for her innovative sake and food pairings that have consistently impressed customers.

Apart from curating sake, Marie also consults directly with brewers to create exclusive limited editions that are available only at Mizunotori. This dedication to providing unique and exceptional sake offerings has made the bar a must-visit destination for sake lovers.

Mizunotori has an unconventional design compared to traditional Japanese drinking establishments. The large island counter serves as the main seating area, creating an open environment that encourages interaction between staff and customers. The knowledgeable and friendly staff are happy to recommend sake and food pairings based on their customers’ preferences.

One of the highlights of Mizunotori is the willingness of customers to entrust the selection of sake and food pairings entirely to the capable hands of the staff. Marie’s tireless experimentation has opened up numerous new pairing possibilities and increased the awareness of sake’s incredible versatility and potential with various cuisines.

With its focus on innovation and exceptional customer service, Mizunotori has become one of the most popular sake bars in Tokyo. The bar’s success is a testament to Marie’s passion for sake and her commitment to providing a unique and unforgettable experience for her customers.

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