Lake Ashi

芦ノ湖   Click to listen highlighted text! 芦ノ湖

(ashi no ko)

Lake Ashinoko, also known as Lake Ashi, is a stunning crater lake located in Hakone, Japan. With its crystal-clear waters surrounded by lush green mountains and historical landmarks, it’s no surprise that Lake Ashinoko is a popular tourist destination. In this traveler description, we’ll explore the various attractions and activities that make Lake Ashinoko an unforgettable experience for visitors.

The first thing that will catch your eye at Lake Ashinoko is the magnificent view of Mount Fuji. On a clear day, the reflection of the iconic mountain on the lake’s surface is a sight to behold. Many visitors take a cruise along the lake to get a better view of the mountain and the surrounding scenery. The sightseeing cruises come in different styles, from modern ferries to traditional wooden boats, and offer a relaxing way to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Besides admiring the scenery, Lake Ashinoko is also home to several historical sites. One of the most famous is Hakone Shrine, which stands on the lake’s southern shore. The shrine dates back to the 8th century and is dedicated to three deities, including the goddess of love and matchmaking. Visitors can stroll around the shrine’s grounds, take part in traditional rituals, and even rent a kimono to wear while exploring the area.

Another must-visit attraction at Lake Ashinoko is the Hakone Ropeway. This cable car ride takes you on a scenic journey up the mountain, providing stunning views of the lake and Mount Fuji. At the top, you’ll find Owakudani, a volcanic valley with hot springs and unique geological formations. Visitors can try the local specialty, black eggs boiled in the sulfuric water, which are said to add seven years to your life!

For those who enjoy hiking, Lake Ashinoko has plenty of trails to explore. One of the most popular is the Tokaido Old Road, which follows the ancient route between Tokyo and Kyoto. The trail offers stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains and takes you past historic landmarks such as the Amazake Chaya teahouse and the Cedar Avenue of Hakone.

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