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Kurosaki is a Michelin one-star sushi restaurant located in the fashionable Omotesando/Aoyama area of Tokyo, Japan. The restaurant’s master, Kazuki Kurosaki, is a young and skilled up-and-coming chef who has gained recognition for his exceptional culinary talents. Chef Kurosaki honed his skills in several well-established restaurants in Asakusa and famous sushi restaurants in Setagaya before deciding to open his own restaurant.

The menu at Kurosaki is focused on Chef Kurosaki’s recommendations, offering a combination of traditional Tokyo-style sushi and a great selection of carefully prepared dishes. Chef Kurosaki’s passion for sushi and commitment to excellence is evident in every dish, and his creativity is on full display in the intricate flavors and textures of his cuisine.

The restaurant’s menu features an array of sushi delicacies, including fatty tuna, sea urchin, and other seasonal specialties. The appetizers, such as grilled eel and pickled vegetables, are also a highlight of the menu, showcasing Chef Kurosaki’s expertise in preparing a range of Japanese dishes.

Kurosaki’s use of delicious Japanese-style stock in many of the dishes is one of the restaurant’s standout features. The stock is prepared in-house using traditional techniques, adding depth and complexity to each dish. The restaurant also offers an extensive selection of Japanese sake, expertly paired with the chef’s creations, providing almost eternal happiness for Japanese sake lovers.

The atmosphere at Kurosaki is sophisticated and minimalist, creating a serene and intimate dining experience. The restaurant’s small size, with only a few tables and counter seats available, adds to the exclusive feel of the restaurant. This creates a sense of exclusivity that adds to the overall allure of the restaurant, and the Michelin one-star rating further cements its reputation as one of the top sushi restaurants in Tokyo.

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