Kifune Hiroya

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(kifune hiroya)

Kifune Hiroya is a renowned Kaiseki restaurant and Japanese inn located in the tranquil village of Kifune, Kyoto. Established in 1932, Kifune Hiroya has been a cherished culinary and hospitality destination for over 90 years, attracting discerning foodies and travelers from all around the world. The restaurant and inn are situated in a charming traditional Japanese building, nestled in the lush greenery of the Kibune Mountains, overlooking the Kifune River.

Kaiseki is a quintessential Japanese cuisine that emphasizes the harmony of flavor, texture, and presentation, using the freshest seasonal ingredients. Kifune Hiroya’s Kaiseki cuisine is renowned for its exquisite balance of flavors, impeccable attention to detail, and artistic plating, reflecting the essence of the changing seasons and the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. The menu features a multi-course meal of small, delicate dishes that showcase the skills and creativity of the chef, with each dish paired with a carefully selected sake or wine.

In addition to the restaurant, Kifune Hiroya also offers a Japanese inn, providing a unique and authentic experience of Japanese hospitality. The inn features traditional tatami-mat rooms, with shoji screens, futon bedding, and a private balcony overlooking the river or the forest. The guests can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and the hot springs in the nearby area, and savor the delicious Kaiseki cuisine served in the restaurant. The staff is attentive and welcoming, ensuring that the guests have a comfortable and memorable stay.

One of the highlights of Kifune Hiroya’s dining experience is the river floor “kawadoko,” which is available from May to September. The kawadoko is a unique seating arrangement where guests sit on tatami mats with their feet in the cool water of the Kifune River, surrounded by the natural beauty of the forest and the sound of the flowing water. The kawadoko provides a refreshing and serene atmosphere, perfect for enjoying the Kaiseki cuisine and the company of friends and family.

Kifune Hiroya has a rich history that reflects the cultural heritage of Kyoto and the dedication to excellence of its founders and successors. The restaurant and inn have been passed down through the Hiroya family for generations, with each new generation adding their own touch of innovation and tradition. The building itself is a masterpiece of Japanese architecture, featuring a thatched roof, wooden pillars, and sliding doors that open to the river and the forest. Kifune Hiroya has also been featured in numerous media outlets and guidebooks.

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