Kameya Iori

亀屋伊織   Click to listen highlighted text! 亀屋伊織

(kameya iori)

Kameya Iori
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Kameya Iori is a well-known wagashi maker in Kyoto, Japan. This traditional Japanese confectionery shop is renowned for its high-quality dry sweets, which are specially designed to accompany the tea ceremony. Kameya Iori has been in operation for over 450 years, making it one of the oldest confectionery shops in Kyoto.

The company was founded in 1560 during Edo period. Over time, Kameya Iori gained a reputation for its exceptional quality and attention to detail, becoming a popular choice among tea ceremony practitioners. Today, the company is still family-owned and operated, with a commitment to preserving the traditions of wagashi making while also incorporating modern techniques and flavors.

Kameya Iori specializes in dry sweets called higashi, which are delicate and intricate sugar sculptures. The dry sweets are carefully crafted to complement the flavors of tea, creating a harmonious balance between sweet and bitter. You need to make a reservation to purchase their sweets in advance.

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