おまかせ割烹 井筒屋   Click to listen highlighted text! おまかせ割烹 井筒屋

(omakase kappo izutsuya)

Izutsuya is a renowned kaiseki restaurant situated in the heart of Gion, known for its exquisite culinary offerings and traditional Japanese decor. Founded by Shinemon Izutsuya, a freshwater fish wholesaler in Fushimi, the restaurant has a rich legacy that dates back several generations.

In 1986, the 13th generation of the Izutsuya family opened “Omakase Kappo Izutsuya” on the south side of Gion, and the restaurant has been a favorite among locals and tourists ever since. Today, the 14th generation continues the legacy of serving authentic Japanese cuisine with a modern twist.

One of the highlights of Izutsuya’s menu is their specialty “age somen”, which is served at the end of every course. This crispy somen noodle dish is accompanied by a delectable ankake sauce, creating a perfect blend of flavors that leave guests craving for more.

The restaurant offers a variety of kaiseki courses, each featuring a carefully curated selection of seasonal ingredients that are sourced locally. The chefs at Izutsuya pride themselves on using only the freshest ingredients and the highest quality seafood to create an unforgettable dining experience for their guests.

The decor of the restaurant is another aspect that sets Izutsuya apart from other restaurants in the area. Traditional Japanese design elements such as tatami flooring, sliding doors, and minimalist decor create a serene and welcoming ambiance.

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