伊藤久右衛門茶房   Click to listen highlighted text! 伊藤久右衛門茶房

(itou kyuemon chabou)

Itoh-Kyuemon is a historic tea shop and maker located in the picturesque city of Uji, Japan. The shop was founded in 1832 and has a rich history of producing some of the finest green tea in Japan.

Itoh-Kyuemon’s tea production process is meticulous and relies on centuries-old techniques to create tea with a unique and exceptional flavor. The tea is grown and harvested in Uji, where the fertile soil and temperate climate provide the perfect conditions for tea cultivation. The tea leaves are then carefully processed and packaged by skilled craftsmen in the shop, ensuring that each batch of tea is of the highest quality.

In addition to producing high-quality green tea, Itoh-Kyuemon also offers an immersive tea experience for visitors to Uji. The shop’s tea ceremony experience is a must-try for anyone interested in learning about the history and culture of tea in Japan. Visitors can learn about the traditional Japanese tea ceremony and participate in a ceremony with a knowledgeable tea master. The ceremony takes place in a serene tatami room, where visitors can enjoy the tranquility of the space and the delicate flavor of the green tea.

Itoh-Kyuemon’s commitment to quality and tradition has earned the shop a reputation as one of the best green tea producers in Japan. The shop has won numerous awards for its tea, including the top prize at the prestigious National Tea Fair, and is beloved by tea connoisseurs around the world.

Itoh-Kyuemon is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the history, culture, and taste of green tea in Japan. With its rich history and commitment to quality and tradition, it offers a truly unique and authentic tea experience.

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