漆器の井助   Click to listen highlighted text! 漆器の井助

(shikki no isuke)

Isuke, a renowned lacquerware store in Kyoto, was founded in the late Edo period and has been producing natural lacquerware for over 180 years. Their products include purified lacquer and lacquerware, which are crafted using historic techniques and new designs that cater to modern lifestyles. Isuke’s commitment to quality and innovation has earned them widespread popularity in the market.

Isuke is dedicated to creating contemporary tableware that seamlessly blends traditional Japanese craftsmanship with modern design. Their products are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and functional. Isuke’s lacquerware is durable and long-lasting, thanks to the natural material used in their production.

With their growing reputation, Isuke has participated in several overseas exhibitions since 2006, including those in New York, Paris, and Shanghai. Their exposure to global markets has helped them gain recognition for their exceptional quality and design, making Isuke a brand to reckon with in the international market.

In 2014, Isuke established itself as a new lacquer brand, seeking to collaborate with both domestic and overseas designers. This move was aimed at further expanding their range of products and incorporating new ideas into their designs. The brand name “isuke” is now synonymous with quality and innovation in lacquerware.

In addition to their physical store in Kyoto, Isuke also offers online shopping services through their website. Customers from all over the world can now purchase their exquisite lacquerware with ease, thanks to their efficient online platform. Isuke’s dedication to providing their customers with the best shopping experience has made them one of the most reliable and trustworthy online lacquerware stores.

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