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Hishiya is a renowned traditional Japanese confectionery located in the heart of Kyoto. Founded in 1804, Hishiya has a rich history of more than two centuries of crafting Japanese sweets. Hishiya’s confectionery making techniques have been passed down through the generations, ensuring that the quality of their products remains unchanged.

One of Hishiya’s signature products is the Usubane, a type of Senbei or Japanese rice cracker. The Usubane is known for its thin and crispy texture, which is achieved through a special baking process that involves carefully controlling the temperature and humidity. The result is a delicate cracker that has a satisfying crunch with a subtle sweetness.

The Usubane has been a favorite snack of the people of Kyoto since the Edo period. It was traditionally served to accompany tea, but it has now become a popular snack on its own. The Usubane is a perfect snack for those who appreciate the subtle flavors of Japanese cuisine.

Hishiya’s commitment to quality is evident in the Usubane’s ingredients. The crackers are made from high-quality Japanese rice that is carefully selected and polished to perfection. The rice is then mixed with natural seasonings such as salt, soy sauce, or mirin to enhance its flavor. Hishiya uses only the finest ingredients and does not add any artificial flavorings or preservatives to their products.

Hishiya’s dedication to their craft is also reflected in their packaging. The Usubane is beautifully packaged in a wooden box that is designed to protect the delicate crackers and keep them fresh. The packaging is also a nod to the traditional Japanese art of gift-giving, making the Usubane a perfect souvenir or gift for friends and family.

Hishiya’s commitment to preserving Japanese culture and traditions is evident in their confectionery making. Their dedication to quality and attention to detail have earned them a reputation as one of the best confectioneries in Kyoto. Their Usubane is a testament to their dedication to crafting high-quality Japanese sweets that delight the taste buds and celebrate Japanese culture.

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