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(hiiragi tei)

If you’re a foodie exploring Kyoto, Hiiragi-tei is a must-visit destination. This family-owned restaurant is known for their locally raised chicken dishes and obanzai, a traditional Japanese cuisine made from various small dishes. Hiiragi-tei has become a favorite among food enthusiasts, thanks to their affordable yet high-quality dishes.

The father, son, and mother of the family all have a role to play in the restaurant. The father takes care of preparing the à la carte dishes, while the son focuses on the yakitori. Meanwhile, the mother attends to customers’ needs, ensuring they have an enjoyable dining experience.

One of the reasons why Hiiragi-tei’s dishes are so flavorful is because the son personally visits a poultry farm in Shiga Prefecture every morning to purchase and dress whole chickens. This hands-on approach ensures that only the freshest and highest quality ingredients are used in their dishes.

When you dine at Hiiragi-tei, be sure to try their specialty dish, the white liver. This rare part of the chicken is complemented with the bitter flavor of cacao nibs, creating a unique and unforgettable taste. The back liver is also highly recommended by locals and tourists alike.

Despite its high quality, Hiiragi-tei is still affordable and offers excellent value for money. It’s no wonder that this restaurant has been recognized by the Michelin guide as a Bib Gourmand, a distinction given to establishments that offer both good quality and good value.

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