御料理古川   Click to listen highlighted text! 御料理古川

(oryouri furukawa)

Furukawa, 2-star Michelin Kaiseki restraut, is owned and operated by chef Kiyoshi Furukawa, who is known for his masterful preparation of traditional Japanese dishes using the freshest local ingredients.  The restaurant has been awarded two Michelin stars for its exceptional cuisine. The restaurant

The menu at Furukawa changes regularly based on the season and availability of ingredients, ensuring that diners experience the freshest and most authentic flavors possible. The dishes are prepared using traditional Japanese cooking techniques, such as grilling, steaming, and simmering, with an emphasis on highlighting the natural flavors and textures of the ingredients.

One of the signature dishes at Furukawa is the sashimi course, which features a variety of fresh and flavorful raw fish and seafood sourced from the nearby Genkai Sea. Another popular dish is the charcoal-grilled wagyu beef, which is cooked to perfection over a charcoal grill to enhance its rich flavor and tenderness.

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